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Who we are and what we do?

EconMedia Software

We are a software company focused on providing the best software solutions for the retail and hospitality industries. We work with the latest technologies, in order to offer stable and high-performance solutions. 

Our services

We offer both customized software development services and the development of “white label” solutions in the retail and hospitality field, with the support of our experience and competence gained in the 17 years since we have been active in the field.

Product strategy

We identify opportunities and needs to develop specific applications for your business

Product development

We develop the application in accordance with the established development vision.

Product customization

We modify and adapt the application to meet the needs of your business.

Version management

We manage the product versions, the detailed testing and their launch in production.

Product maintenance

We provide the best technical support for an uninterrupted and pleasant use of the application.

Product updates

We provide the updates, so that the application are up to date with the changes in the legislation.

Productivity and speed

We know that time is the most important component in the development of a product and its positioning on the market. That is why we focus on the project to complete it as soon as possible with minimal costs. Successful products have come at the right time to meet a market need.

Fast & Easy Development

We deeply understand the project and get to work quickly.


We are focused on providing fast and connectable results.

Case study

MicroPOS is a sales application pos developed for the Romanian market, which is directly integrated with the fiscal equipment approved by the national authorities on this market. This project is a heartfelt one, because we have been and are directly involved in all the processes of prospecting, developing and launching.


A good thought from our partners.

A good understanding of the requirements and structure of the application. Attention to detail and proactive attitude, very good technical knowledge and professionalism.

Pop Mihai